Downtown Detroit Sites Earn $300K in Energy Grants

Posted on May 18, 2011

Nearly $300,000 in energy conservation grants will help pay for improvements at four buildings along the Woodward corridor, the Detroit Economic Development Corp. has announced.

The agency awarded the grants as part of its SmartBuildings Detroit fund that reimburses owners up to $100,000 or 25 percent of eligible costs. Recipients have to report the results of the upgrades and what the energy savings amount to.

Owners have to come up with the rest of the project funding.

The recipients are:

The Detroitist Group, LLC, will get up to $100,000 of the $400,000 it plans to invest in installing windows and sealing leaks at a building it owns at 484 Brainard. The group also plans to install solar panels.

Sheridan Apartments at 4417 Second, received $60,275 toward the installation of energy-efficient windows. The project costs exceed $240,000.

Wellesley Apartments, LLC, received $17,775 toward installing energy-efficient windows at an apartment building it owns at 651 Hancock. The project cost exceeds $71,000.

The Music Hall, 350 Madison, received $100,000 to upgrade its roof, heating, cooling and hot water systems. The project cost is more than $400,000.

By Santiago Esparza, The Detroit News